“It’s not up for debate” was a favorite dictum of many of my schoolteachers growing up. It’s possible, that that I was often attempting to debate pointless things. I garnered great energy from entering a conflict on the merits of important subjects like whether chocolate chip cookies should be served on Tuesdays at lunch instead of oatmeal raisin. So, I can see why my over-worked, and under-paid instructors ended conversations with what I deemed to be their preferred maxim.

But they were in a position of authority, and I was a child. It would have been quite audacious, misguided, and…

Opponents of free speech, thought, and expression, have deduced a few explanations for their positions that include the avoidance of discomfort, offense, and hate speech. It seems a common argument to say, all speech is ok, unless “we” find it offensive. Logic dictates that is not the same as saying all speech is ok.

Of course, in the United States, we have several reasonable restrictions on what we say, specifically when it comes to the protection of peace or placing others in danger. However, some are seeking to limit others based on feeling. I don’t enjoy being offended either, but…

It can be infuriating to listen to an extremist outside of your personal bias speak gibberish that is downright offensive and foolish. My favorite phrase I’ve heard this past year is, “How can someone with a brilliant brain support _______”. It’s a version of the hyper-moralizing I’ve heard all of my life that comes with the phrase, “How could they, they know better”.

What humors me about the pearl-clutching exasperation and shock is it is expressed by all sides of any argument or persuasion. …

We don’t live in a time of anointed kings. According to Scripture, there was that time, but it wasn’t even God’s preferred plan.
Once upon a time, the people of Israel said, “We want a king”.
God said, “But I Am your King.”
The people said, “Yeah, but that’s not good enough, we need a person king because we is persons”.
God said, “Ok, fine I’ll give you a king, but you’re not going to like it and it won’t be all that good for you for a long time. Even the good ones won’t be that good, and the…

Pledge T. King

Lives in The Rustbelt/Husband/Dad/Loves All/Drinks Tea/Journalist/Author/Friend

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